Vice President, Human Resources – Simon Fraser University

Vice President, Human Resources

Students Offering Support (SOS) is a National Charity that develops and supports Chapters in universities across North America. The SOS model, Raising Marks, Raising Money, Raising Roofs, provides a service within which people place genuine value, and is unlike any other organization. Students Offering Support is a unique social enterprise that relies on the passionate student leaders to create positive impact both at home and abroad. Regardless of position, all Students Offering Support volunteers must thoroughly understand, communicate, and embody SOS’ 360 degree model of volunteering.

Role Description:

As the VP of Human Resources, you are responsible for coordinating, managing and executing the inner-communications of your SOS Chapter. This includes executing a professional hiring procedure, training new members, and planning events. Your role is to create a team atmosphere by building a sense of Chapter cohesion.

  • Ensure hiring procedures are up-to-date, and plan all aspects of the hiring process;
    • Review role descriptions from HQ, and discuss with Presidents where additional support roles are necessary;
    • Announce open positions, accept applications, schedule interviews, and select top candidates;
  • Coordinate training sessions for all new members to ensure an effective transition into their position and department;
  • Organize various volunteer socials & community activities to build an inclusive and fun team environment;
    • Motivate volunteers with event opportunities, gifts, recognition awards, etc.;
  • Help each department VP conduct thorough semester-end SWOT analysis;
  • Reach out to VPs of Human Resources at other Chapters for insight, resources, sharing, and network development;
  • Schedule meetings for your department specifically;
  • Attend weekly meetings with President(s) and exec team – provide department updates, contribute to brainstorming sessions, and provide team with feedback.

Desired Skills and Experience:
  • Proven leadership experience;
  • Strong oral and written communication skills;
  • Ability to self motivate and complete projects on time;
  • Highly creative;
  • A love for learning and a dedication to increase the access to education in Canada and Latin America.

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Last modified: September 10, 2018