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Chapter President

Students Offering Support (SOS) is a National Charity that develops and supports Chapters in universities across North America. The SOS model, Raising Marks, Raising Money, Raising Roofs, provides a service within which people place genuine value, and is unlike any other organization. Students Offering Support is a unique social enterprise that relies on the passionate student leaders to create positive impact both at home and abroad. Regardless of position, all Students Offering Support volunteers must thoroughly understand, communicate, and embody SOS’ 360 degree model of volunteering.

Role Description:

As the Chapter President, you are responsible for leading and managing all aspects of your SOS Chapter. You will recruit and manage a team of fellow students and need to have a working understanding of all the activities within each department. You will be accountable for the operations of the Chapter and maintain a close relationship with SOS Head Office.


❖ Lead and manage your executive team, while giving them freedom to execute initiatives among their individual departments;
❖ Hire, train, and encourage growth within your executive team;
❖ Perform annual and semester goal setting, ensuring objectives are both tangible and strategic;
❖ Ensure sustainability of the Chapter by creating resources, finding successors, and continuing as an SOS alumni after graduation;
❖ Regularly maintain and update SOS Head Office on the Chapter’s progress, activities, and any conflicts/issues;
❖ Develop relationships within the university through students societies, faculty, administration, and support staff;
❖ Schedule weekly meetings with executive team – provide Chapter and national updates, contribute to brainstorming sessions, and provide team with feedback to all members;
❖ Reach out to Presidents at other Chapters for insight, resources, sharing, and network development.

Desired Skills and Experience:

❖ Proven leadership experience;
❖ Strong oral and written communication skills;
❖ Ability to approach and execute projects professionally;
❖ Strong organizational skills;
❖ A love for learning and a dedication to increase the access to education in Canada and Latin America.

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Last modified: September 11, 2018